Trump and Duterte: Birds of the same feather

In November 2017, US president Donald Trump and Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte met during the ASEAN Summit in Manila, Philippines. It was a meeting of two authoritarian populists who have caused so much pain and suffering for the peoples of the two nations they were supposed to govern.

Trump’s arrival drew protests from activist groups all over the country.  I was part of a team documenting the November 12 protest. These photos form part of that documentation effort.

Trump and Duterte are simply made for each other.
Human rights activist and Karapatan secretary-general Cristina Palabay speaks to the media on why both Trump and Duterte should be opposed.
Indigenous rights activists also joined the protest. Under Duterte’s presidency, dozens of indigenous peoples fighting for their ancestral lands have been killed by state security forces.
Members of Bayan Muna, a progressive political party in the Philippines, call for the banning of Trump.
Under Duterte’s regime, education continues to be a dream for many Filipino youth.
A youth activist gets ready to march in the protest. A protest card in the background reads “Stop the killings! End state fascism!”
American imperial interests have led to numerous wars all around the globe.
Down with US imperialism!
Members of the Philippine National Police preparing to meet protesters and prevent them from reaching their destination.
Always ready to serve and protect…. …the rich and the powerful.
Protesters heading towards the ASEAN Summit meeting venue.
A police barricade blocks protesters attempting to head to the ASEAN Summit venue.
A scuffle ensues when policemen harshly try to disperse protesters.
A policeman attempts to hit a protester during the scuffle.
The protesters attempt to push forward while being blocked by the police.
In another corner, a protester negotiates with a police officer to be allowed through the barricade.
That evil stare, though.
Security forces watch on as protesters hold a program denouncing Trump’s presence in the Philippines.
They’re definitley street battle-ready.
At the time of Trump’s visit, the southern Philippine island of Mindanao was still under martial law and the city of Marawi had already been reduced to rubble due to bombings conducted by Philippine armed forces.
A police barricade blocking off another possible route to the ASEAN Summit venue.
Dump Trump!
The Philippines has been hosting American soldiers for several years through a Visiting Forces Agreement.