The Qutb Minar

This is a continuation of my Delhi exploration in April 2019. Like my previous essays, the photos here are both in colored and black-and-white.

Surprisingly, despite bloody history, Hindu and Islam-associated relics now stand peacefully together in this complex. Take that, Modi!

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South of Old Delhi is the Qutb Minar. ALthough construction started in 1199 BCE, additional stories were added by subsequent rulers in the next several hundred years.

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This is the tomb of Imam Zamin, otherwise known as Muhammad Ali, a Muslim saint. He was the chief priest of the Quwwat-ul-Islam (Might of Islam) Mosque, which you will see in other photos later on.

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This is the southern gateway to the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque.

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The gateway itself has survived, although the masjid itself is now in ruins.

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The inside of the gateway’s dome.

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Looking up from below the Qutb Minar

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The Qutb Minar’s base. Previously, people were allowed to ascend the minar to the top, but structural weakness has led the governemnt to ban further ascents.
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The ruins of the Quwwat-ul-Islam masjid.

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This is the Iron Pillar of Delhi. This is, interestingly, a pillar erected in around 400 BCE. Inscriptions on the pillar say that this pillar was erected by the Hindu god Vishnu in memory of a might king, Chandra. This king is the historical Chandragupta II.
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It’s not surprising, though, that a pillar with Hindu affiliations stands in the middle of the courtyard fronting a masjid, as the Qutb Minar complex was built (forcibly, if I remmber correctly) on the ruins of Hindu and Jain temples. But to see both religious relics sharing the same space gives me hope.

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The inside of the ruins of the masjid.

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The tomb of Ala-ud-din Khaliji, one of the rulers of the Delhi sultanate.

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