Ode of an Orphaned Child

(This is an English translation of a song from the Philippines about a child yearning for a parent to come home. Except the parent can never come home because he has been “disappeared.” I’ve translated it as best as I could. All mistakes in translation are, of course, mine alone.)

I have waited
countless nights
for your return
to our lonely home.

Yet you do not come.
The door to be opened
remains shut.

In the night
In the mournful night.

Mother said
it will not be long
you will arrive
at the break of dawn.


Tagulaylay ng Ulilang Musmos

Marami nang gabi
ang pagbabalik mo
sa ulilang bahay.

‘Di ka dumarating.
Ang pintong bubuksa’y
nananatiling pinid.

Sa gabi
sa gabing mapanglaw.

Ang sabi ni nanay
‘Di raw magtatagal
ikaw ay sasapit
sa bukangliwayway.

Photo credit: Owner